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Commercial Issues

  • Company, Partnership or Sole Trader?

Your business is your livelihood and therefore it is important to structure your business correctly to minimise risk and maximise benefits.  This may include forming a company or entering into a Deed of Partnership with your business partner.  A company or partnership structure may not suit your business however, and therefore it is important to discuss these issues with both your accountant and your lawyer.

  • Leases and Renewals

If you have a commercial lease or are looking to enter into one, please contact us first.  We have experience in drafting and advising on commercial leases and the ongoing renewal process as well as advising on rights and responsibilities under the leases generally.  We can also help where there has been a breach of lease by either the landlord or the tenant, or if you would like to sub-let or assign your lease.

  • Business Sales and Purchases

Selling or purchasing a business requires a lot of “behind the scenes” work to be completed for the transfer to operate smoothly.  There are many terms and conditions that should be added to a standard form sale and purchase agreement as well as other issues that need to be addressed such as the assignment of lease, due diligence, key employee retention and restraint of trade clauses.

Call Michael or Nicole to discuss the structure of your business or to plan your next move.

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