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Dealing with neighbours

  • Whether owning or renting your home, it is important that you maintain good relations with your neighbours. Neighbour relations can significantly add to or diminish your quality of life depending on your relationship with them.  Any dispute you may have with your neighbour needs to be dealt with carefully and with the utmost care.

How Can Cochrane Law Help You?

  • It is important to address any problem you may have with your neighbour early and preferably without involving lawyers. We can advise the best strategy to deal with any problems you may have with your neighbour and advise you on your legal rights while remaining in the background so as to not antagonise your relationship with your neighbour. In neighbourly disputes knowledge is power and we can provide you with the required knowledge to be able to reach a successful outcome for all parties concerned.

Please contact Michael or Nicole if you are having problems with your neighbours.  We will be happy to help.

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